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Academic Performance Index (API)

How Are The San Diego and Orange County Schools?

Epic One Real Estate is frequently asked this question and it is a valid concern when shopping for a home.  Epic One Real Estate will make it easy for you to answer that question.  All schools in California are tested, and a rank assigned  from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.  You'll notice that the better scores are usually found in the more expensive areas. Sometimes you may have to choose between a smaller house with a 10 school or a bigger house with a 7 school.  There is no right or wrong answer, it just depends on what's important to you at this stage of your life.

The 2010 API rankings, released September 4, 2010, showed about 13 percent of the schools countywide achieved perfect scores of 10 on the statewide rankings.

How To Read The Report

The state publishes the school scores annually in its Academic Performance Index (API) Report. When you follow the link below, you'll see columns of numbers. The school score you're looking for is in the column labelled "Ranks - Statewide Rank".

Epic One Real Estate has the most recent API information released July 12, 2011, plus news about your school's API results: 2010 API Base results, updated Statewide and Similar Schools Ranks and what it all means for your child. Start here to find important achievement data about your school.

  San Diego County 2010-2011 API Report (Released July 12, 2011)

  San Diego School Rankings by 2010 API Scores

  San Diego County School District Websites.

  San Diego County Office of Education



CA Department of Education

From this site, you can access test scores, API scores, AYP information, standards, and much more!

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Data Quest  

This site helps you find facts about California districts and schools.

Reports Available:  API, Enrollment, Dropouts, English Learners, Expulsions, Graduates, High School (SAT/ACT/AP) Scores, Staffing, Special Education, Projected Teacher Hires, SAT-9 Test Scores, Select Your Own Data

Levels of Searches:  State, County, District, School, SELPA

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STAR Test Results (CST & CAT/6) 2005
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Released Questions Gr. 4/7 Writing
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Standardized Testing and Reporting

Reports Available:  Standardized Testing And Reporting Summaries

Level of Searches:  School, District, County and Statewide Summary Results

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Just for the Kids

Find a school:

Reports Available: Comparison between your school and other top California schools like yours


Program Resources
Supplemental information for the High School Exit Examination.


California High School Exit Exam

Reports Available:  2001-05 Exam Results are presented.

Resources: Study guides; teacher guides; school, district, county assistance; released test questions

Educational Data Partnership

Fiscal, demographic, and performance data on California schools is presented here.

Reports Available:  API, STAR, Profiles

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