Epic One Real Estate specializes in commercial real estate transaction services including investment analysis, investment aquisition of duplexes, multi-unit apartment buildings up to commercial shopping centers, market research, valuation and IRS 1031 exchanges. We compete only on a regional level, with our brokers focusing on the unique nature of Southern California. Epic One Real Estate provides an extensive range of comprehensive services to the real estate user.

One of our key strengths is our ability to identify and assist our client's with aquiring low and moderate risk investment-grade properties with high current cash flows where we can add value through active and aggressive asset management to maximize future appreciation. With our thorough acquisition due diligence process, we analyze all operational factors including operating expenses, strength of prior management, existing leases, deferred maintenance and rehabilitation costs, and capital repairs to identify opportunities to enhance operations and maximize returns. This information is weighed against the forecasted performance for the local, regional and national market as projected by our fully integrated investment research. Through industry associations, professional relationships, and market analysis Epic One Property Investment Division reviews millions of dollars worth of opportunities a month to acquire the assets that best fit our client's investment plans. Epic's consistent understanding of how markets move in response to supply and demand variations allows our client's portfolios to capture the highest returns.

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